Who we are
Who we are

Experience the Rich Legacy of the Perfect Filter Coffee

The journey of discovering the unique flavors of Krishna Coffee started with our founder, Krishnan Kutty, the man who put his heart and soul into perfecting a tasty brew which conquered the hearts of many. Founded in 1952, our endless passion for coffee has made us offer you the finest filter coffee experience, carefully handcrafted to perfection. Dedicated to the art of filter coffee, we ensure that every brew is satisfying and well-balanced that leaves you craving for more. No matter how many years pass by, the bold authentic taste of the filter coffee was passed on to generation after generation preserving the true essence of Krishnan Kutty’s Krishna Coffee.

Our Mission

To spread the rich, bold flavors of filter coffee to people around the world who want to experience the pure authentic taste of filter coffee, made from premium hand-picked coffee beans.

Our Vission

To redefine the coffee experience and build a community of coffee lovers who appreciate the art and craftsmanship that goes into every cup.

Brand Story


The flavorful journey of Krishna Coffee began by selling coffee in bicycles to share the unique and rich flavors of Krishna’s filter coffee.


The traditional village of Kalpathy marked a turning point in our journey by starting the first own shop named “Krishna Coffee”.


From selling coffee on bicycles to setting up a new store, Krishnan Kutty was living his dream.


Krishna Coffee’s ownership was passed on to the next generation and a new coffee brand was introduced as “Coffee Time”.


Krishna Coffee is one among the first to introduce coffee sales through courier services all over India with coffee beans freshly roasted and packed as per the order.


From just two outlets, Krishna Coffee established 8 warehouses in different parts of Palakkad.


Just like how it started with 4 brothers, Krishna Coffee is all set to launch a large-scale coffee production factory with 100+ staff.

“Relish the moment of pure pleasure
and indulgence .”

Why Krishna Coffee?

Freshly Roasted

Carefully selected and expertly roasted, granting flavorful taste in every sip

Premium Beans

Exceptional flavor and superior-quality beans are our utmost priority

100% natural

Cultivated in harmony with nature, guaranteeing a finest filter coffee experience

Perfect Blend

Rich, aromatic filter coffee blends that energize and awaken your senses

Taste the difference  !


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